Train the Trainers, Learning Activity

Fiumicino, Italy

22nd – 24th September 2020

Participants will experience an intercultural environment, share good practices among peers and acquire tools to guide and support youth in further implementation and, more generally, in their empowerment in Civil Society, exploring the dimensions of youth thinking in the reflection on nazi-fascism, WWII and the births of EU integration. Knowledge transferred to educators recruited and engaged in each country on:

  • historical phenomenon
  • project methodological approach to EU Remembrance
  • how to favour among youth a constructive elaborative thinking around Civil Society and civic participation in contemporary age, starting from the positive experience of European Nonviolent Resistance to nazi-fascism
  • how to guide/accompany youths within and beyond project implementation becoming “memory militants”

N° of participants per country:
14 Italy, 6 Hungary, 6 Romania, 5 Spain, 5 Austria, 1 North Macedonia