Seven European delegations in Canale for “EUism, Europe is a state of mind”

Mayor Bettarelli: “The best weapon against  wars and divisions is to know our fellow European citizens”.

CANALE MONTERANO- Canale’s conference of “EUism, Europe is a state of mind”, a project financed by the European Union, starts 16 June.  For two years now, EUism has hosted conferences with sixteen municipalities and associations of the Old Continent  on themes like volunteering, Euroscepticism, intercultural cooperation and exchange of best practices.

With the organization of the Ace20 agency there have been conferences in Herzeg Novi (Montenegro), Yeri (Cyprus), and Porto(Portugal)  This year from the 16th to the 20th of June, Canale Monterano will host seven EU member delegations as well as Qala’s (capital of Malta). There will also be the municipalities of Yeri (Cyprus),  Herzeg Novi (Montenegro), Arnot (Hungary), Spalato (Croatia), Visnove (Czech Republic) and the non-government organization of Sojovem (Portugal).  The final conference will be in Malta, in August.

“We can’t wait to make our community known to friends from all over Europe!”, remarks Canale Monterano’s mayor, Alessandro Bettarelli, “We share the desire to better understand our traditions and our needs, and to live Europe’s future together.”

The topic covered in Canale will be: “Euroscepticism and critical thinking. moving from Euroscepticism to Europtimism.” The topic will be covered by both the delegations and the Italian people (and not Italian  experts), many high level speeches are expected.

Judith Kirton-Darling (ex British European MP) will talk about Brexit and how “fake news” is used to undermine the European construction’s  foundations.

Daniele Taurino, member of the Nonviolent Movement and delegate at the “European Youth Forum” will help us understand how youth sees Europe. We want youth to be involved to make space for them participate in these meetings.

The best weapon against a future of divisions and wars is to leave Canale with a better understanding of our fellow European citizens. The people of Europe only wish for peace and wealth. It’s up to the governments to find the solutions  so that every population can feel protected and represented under the single flag of the EU.

Programme Agenda

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